IT Maintance and Support

Providing technical support that goes beyond servers, computers and laptops.

Managed IT solutions and services

Cloud and Hosting Services

Providing cloud-based backup, disaster recovery and hosting solutions since 2004.

Hosting | Backup | VPS and Dedicated Servers

ICT Infrastructure

Providing complete enterprise virtual, physical and hybrid infrastructure solutions.

VoIP | CCTV | Data | Internet | Access | Power

IT Service and Support
ICT Infrastructure
Data Recovery
Digital Security
Cloud and Hosting
Business Internet
VoIP Solutions

• IT Service and Support

We craft an IT plan and budget to get the best value and strategically select services and products according to your priorities, needs and budget.

• Data Recovery

CFTS as one of the longest established Data Recovery companies in Uganda offering full-service file repair and data recovery services from all types of corrupted storage devices and files systems.

• Cloud and Hosting Services

We offer a holistic approach to optimising your IT infrastructure, services and processes, utilising our own hybrid cloud platform to enable you to realise the benefits that cloud can give.

CFTS has been using and installing hybrid cloud-based solutions for many years, we can help you get it right the first time.

• ICT infrastructure

CFTS provides complete end to end Communications and Infrastructure Solutions, this includes development, design, installation and maintenance.

• Digital Security

CFTS specializes in securing company networks and premise against external and internal digital threats.

• Business Internet

Our Busines internet, uncontended 1:1 with no packet shaping, CAPs or fair use policy just pure internet, we have our own bandwidth pool ensuring consistency and reliability.

• VoIP Solutions

With over 10 years of VoIP installations, you can be sure of getting quality service with our experienced VoIP technicians and phone system Installers.

Welcome to CFTS

Whether you're looking for a scalable network for your new business, upgrading your existing infrastructure or a complete IT fit-out or need a little support we can help.

Regions Covered

East Africa (Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, Sudan) and DRC
About us
CFTS 'Computer Facilities Technical Services' is a Ugandan registered and majority-owned ICT Support Company that specialises in infrastructure and support services, we use a holistic result driven approach to deliver reliable and sustainable business managed solutions, innovation and a people-centric attitude have always been at the core of our solutions.
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What clients are saying about us

“We have no hesitation in recommending CFTS for complex large-scale networks.”
“it's evident that CFTS values customer support as a cornerstone of their business model, to which we have not experienced previously in Uganda, and rarely bettered elsewhere in the world.”
"I would highly recommend CFTS.CO Ltd. if you are in need of any IT services. Their IT infrastructure, network and software expertise makes them a valuable provider."

Getting IT Right

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